Wear the year you accepted Christ!
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The Covenant Line, the year you accepted Jesus, is a opportunity for The Lord to use you as you wear it.  

I had a precious friend make a ring and a necklace with the year I accepted Jesus on it. Before leaving the building, three different people ask me what it stood for.  I replied, “It is the year I accepted Jesus!"   I was speaking the name of Jesus to complete strangers.  The stories and situations have only grown.  Everyone has a story, this necklace has a way of providing a opportunity to share it.

Let the Lord use you as you wear the year you accepted Christ to speak the name of Jesus.  I have had my cross necklace for years, but this gave me a different experience.  For me, it has happened in elevators, ice-cream shops, parking lots, funerals, airports, and many other places.  The willingness from a stranger inquiring about it, reminds me, as well as gives me the opportunity to share who I am in Him.  The ring, just as a wedding ring, it is more about the commitment and the relationship you have with Jesus.

On July 29, 2015, God placed a ring on my finger and a necklace around my neck to speak the name of Jesus.  He will use you as you wear the year you accepted Christ and profess Him before man.